1929 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Brewster

 The 1929 Rolls Royce Phantom I Ascot Tourer by Brewster History is our heritage.  It is where our expectations are derived.  Those wise and creative individuals who embraced the concept of the automobile and stood by its development gave us all a world of joy, fascination and character building opportunities.  Opportunities of working on various aspects of finding parts and keeping the vehicle running, to a Concours d’ Elegance and national tours or perhaps to some it is an art form to protect ones investment from market fluctuations. The Rolls Royce which is incontestably the greatest and most historic automobile manufactured in the world today.  The enormity of this marks technological and historical advancements over the centuries and has always kept them # 1. The early Ghosts are wonderful automobiles.  However, we chose the Ascot Tourer whose history speaks for it.  The first Ascot was built in 1928 by Brewster of Springfield, MA, and the last was built in 1930.   This automobile was delivered new to F.W. Trabold of New York City (Long Island) on August 5, 1929.  In June of 1939, this automobile was recorded as being sold to C.O. Musser and then on August 3, 1946, was sold to Gardner Beach of Evanston, IL.  In December of 1946, it is thought that Clinton C. Brown of Newton, MA, purchased this vehicle.  On June of 1959, Robert M. Cook of Chicago, IL, purchased this vehicle and then sold it to Frank Sandiford of Chicago, IL, on May 9, 1963.  Ned Herrmann of Cincinnati, Ohio, purchased the vehicle in June of 1969, sold it to John Troka of Chicago, IL, in 1970, and then repurchased it on Feb. 7, 1972.  Louis Schultz of Sandusky, Ohio, purchased the vehicle in 1978.   Bill St Clair of Tulare, SD, purchased the car on Sept 5, 1989, and sold it to Bill Lassiter of West Palm Beach, FL, on November 21, 1990.  Bill Lassiter sold the Ascot to Harry Clark of Temecula, CA, in Feb. 18, 2004.  Mr. Clark sold the Ascot to me, C. Erik Baltzar, on August 5, 2005. AWARDS WON: Classic Car Club of America          First Place, Senior Award, Premier Award La Jolla Concours d’Elegance          First in Class Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance     People’s Choice Greystone Concours D’ Elegance          Best Pre-War European Rolls Royce at Santa Anita          Best of Show Pre-War, & Peoples’ Choice Antique Auto Club of America          Senior, Preservation, & Grand National  Palos Verdes Concours D’Elegance      First in Class RROC National – Tahoe                    First in Class  All cars are great to drive, to learn, to meet and greet, but most of all to enjoy the hobby and all that it has to offer..