Packard 1708 Formal Limo

 1939 Packard V 12 Limousine – Model 1708 This car was built tor the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco, California.   When the Imperial government of Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the car was impounded by the U.S. Government. After the war, it was sold as war surplus to a farmer in Northern California who drove it for over forty years.  He taught his eight children to drive in this car. The car was later sold to Disney Corporation for the Queen Mary Project.  When Disney pulled out, we purchased the car. We have completed several long distance antique and classic car tours, from Newport, Rhode Island, to San Francisco, California, and several Canadian/American tours.  The engine is 473 cubic inches in a V-12, the last of this type engine to be built.  Also, this is the last extensive use of wood in an inner body construction.  All steel body construction was used from this point on. This model was the first to have a column shift.  There is a radio in the rear compartment only, clock front and back, jump seats – seats nine people comfortably.  For privacy, there is a division window between front and rear compartments.  This vehicle has never been restored, repaired – yes, but never restored.  Comfortable, quiet and keeps up with modern day traffic.